Discover Our Story – About Hydr.ate

Stacey Kay, Company Owner

Stacey Kay, owner of hydr.ate, is a native Floridian who grew up in central Florida and has lived in the Fort Myers-area for 18 years. She graduated from CSU-Long Beach, CA with a Business degree in Marketing & Finance, studied Nutritional Science at Stanford, and has worked in home health for the last 20 years in SW Florida. She developed a deep passion for health and wellness, the balance of body-mind, and nutritional connection. Stacey discovered meditation 5 years ago, studied through the Depok Chopra center and was trained in Transcendental Meditation.

Stacey is also a licensed nurse with additional certification in IV’s.

It is my mission and goal to bring you overall balance and wellness through IV nutrition and hydration so you can go crush your goals.

As Emerson stated “health is the first wealth” 

Collaborating Clinical Healthcare Professionals:Restore your Health Wellness Center – Dr Laura Casey DNP, Integrative Primary Care – North Port, FL

Lisa Gonzales, NP, Soleil Health & Wellness – Naples, FL

Soleil Logo Health and Wellness

All IVs administered by rNs & LPNs – IV certified in Florida.

FDA Registered

503B FDA registered compounding pharmacy

American IV Association Logo

Member of AIVA

CGMP Standards

Held to CGMP standards –(Current Good Manufacturing Practice) Stricter regulations; makes sure that a product is safe for use, and that it has the ingredients and strength it claims to have.


All products are held in quarantine until potency testing by 3rd party laboratory